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We exist to Evolve

That’s it. We complicate things, but that’s, at the end of the day, all it matters.

We exist to evolve. And when we don’t evolve, we get stuck, we grow unhappy, we question why, we feel something is not right, we feel misaligned…

Then, we evolve and we learn, and we grow, and we become more resilient, more patient, more resonant with life; we don’t see ourselves as the centre of the Universe. We start learning how everything we do, say and act comes back to us. We start understanding we are the wave and the ocean. And then, we may get stuck again. But now, we know how to get back on track.

“We exist to evolve the conscious practice of leadership, to steward the planet, and awaken us all to our inherent unity”. This is the mission statement of Robert J Anderson on The Leadership Circle, the company he founded and presides. When I became acquainted with the philosophy behind the Leadership Circle Profile I wanted to eb part of it and help myself and others evolve.

Thats why I am a certified LCP practitioner. The LCP is a psychometric assessment that measures the effectivenes of a leader and paves the way for that leader to become more efficient. I can guide you through the process of taking the assessment and do the debrief with you and coach you to be the most Effective Leader you can be.

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