Hello, I'm Mire

I'm from the North of Spain (where it's mountainous and rainy!).

And I truly love to accompany people, companies, and teams transforming their trajectories for the better. 

I spent 10 years in Digital Product and Team Management where

I discovered my passion for coaching people.  


I was, at that time, also a new mother, something that absolutely changed me inside out. And as consequence, I could not get motivated by my old job anymore. 

I needed to reinvent myself. I have been a fitness coach since 2014 and the one thing I most loved was to see the members get the fitness level they wanted. But deep inside, what I loved was witnessing the pride of having achieved what they desired for so long. I decided I wanted more of that, not only when it comes to fitness but in any aspect of our lives. That is when I decided to pursue a Coaching career.

I went through a full year of training and got my CPCC certificate on Co-Active Coaching by the Co-Active Training Institute which is, at the same time, certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation).  After that, I also got my certification in Executive Coaching from the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC)


And here I am, ready to accompany you to transform and achieve what you really want. 


"Mireia’s coaching style is one that is not only unique but also empathetic. Instead of telling you what to do, she guides you in the right direction (for you) and enables you to figure out what is good for you. She is a patient and cognizant listener, in that she has the ability to create an environment that makes the other person feel secure enough so they are not afraid to be vulnerable. Her ability to empathize could only be surpassed by her ability to instill focus and mindfulness in her clients. Besides being a wonderful coach, she is an amazing human being!"

"I spent 10 sessions with Mireia during the pandemic in 2020. What started out as a Healthy mind" exercise, quickly turned into a guiding session on how to make the best of my professional life. Mireia strikes by connecting with you on your terms, but also guiding you to a new self context. She's a natural when it comes to fabricating these contextually rich safe spaces for us to seek answers from.


To describe my sessions with Mireia as helpful would be an understatement; it was a weekly mind adventure that opened up opportunities that were else hidden from me. 


What I like most is how the sessions embodied a framework that is applicable to processing emotions even outside of the session. Working with Mireia feels more of a learning/discovery experience rather than anything else. It really stays with you for the long run."

"I’ve worked with many mentors and life coaches over the years but Mireia is without a doubt the best I’ve ever worked with. Her understanding, interpretation, and listening skills are next to none. Her professionalism really shows in the way she manages each session by not time-wasting and managing to get right to each point."

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