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The reasons why I shifted to Coaching

4 years ago today, I chose to walk away from my well-paid job and its exciting perks. I was a mom of a 1,5 year-old and I had spent a weekend consumed by work, leaving my child in the care of our caretaker for most of the time. “NO. NO. NO. NO. NOOOOOOOO!!!! That's not how I want to raise my child”. And so, the following week, I took a leap of faith and resigned.

Becoming a mother had shifted my priorities in profound ways. I always recall telling my husband: “If I was saving lives in a hospital in a warzone, I would go to work with unwavering conviction. But I’m in digital product management. I’m solving problems for the most privileged ones. My daughter needs me much more.”

At that moment, I thought of a friend I had in Barcelona, who had undergone an incredible transformation through coaching. That same week I quit, I called a friend in Dubai to seek guidance and request an intro to a coach he knew. Within three days of quitting, I enrolled in a co-active coaching course.

During the last 4 years, I haven’t made the money I once did in a single year. Do I care? NO. Wealth, to me, is like Health. They are pretty stable, but they fluctuate. They don’t follow a straight line, although we think they should. At times we have more, at times, we have less.

During the last 4 years, I haven't saved much money. What I have saved are beautiful memories of my children that will always be with me. I have put all my effort into trying to raise them emotionally resilient to face the times they will face. I have spent invaluable time with them, and I have started a new career and lifestyle profoundly aligned with who I am.

Thank you, Claudius, for all your support.

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