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Masculine and Feminine energy

We all possess both masculine and feminine energies, though they may manifest at different frequencies. Personally, masculine energy was much easier to access for me during my first 35 years of life. I did plenty of exercise to channel and release it, as sports gave me the playground to let this energy flow freely.

Sometimes criticised and singled out for “being so masculine”, I often thought I needed to tone it down and compensate for it by embracing my intuition and authenticity. That was before having my children.

Motherhood took me to a whole new level of experiencing my feminine energy and also my masculine. I finally realized it wasn't about diminishing my masculine side, but rather empowering my feminine. Now, I can access it from a powerful place filled with love, boundaries, self-assurance, and compassion. Maintaining this delicate balance isn't easy, but it's really worth the effort.

Thanks to Dana and Katie for bringing this topic up and holding the space for self-reflection.

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