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Adult Development

When I got to know about Adult Development, and particularly the Adult development phases by Robert Keagan, a whole new world opened to me

When I discovered the concept of Adult Development, and specifically the Adult Development Phases by Robert Kegan, a whole new world of understanding opened up before me. It was like peering through a magnifying glass into human growth and potential.

Through Keagan’s work, I could finally understand that human development, is not a linear process but a series of transformative shifts. This resonated deeply with me and my own experience in this journey of being human.

I could finally understand that big shift in me when I started feeling that my behaviours and thinking were not serving me anymore. All those ideas, and beliefs that were bringing some behaviours, were now limiting me, and there was no other way but to go with the flow. And I started doing things, things I used to do before, from another place. Fear was not there anymore. I was doing mainly the same thing from a place in me that was much more resourceful and creative. “personal Copernican shift”.

I also understood that no matter how high you get in these phases (which I personally have no idea), you may get into a rabbit hole and bring you to the egocentric phase. But then, it becomes so much easier to get back again.

Incorporating the principles of Adult Development into my own life and coaching practice has been immensely rewarding. It has enabled me to support others on their journeys of self-discovery, providing a framework to navigate their own phases of growth and development. It allowed me to have more compassion and empathy for the diverse perspectives and struggles that people encounter along their own paths

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