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Personal Coaching

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Do you feel stuck in your life?

Do you want to change careers?

You want to exercise but you fail to do so?
Have you become someone you don't want to be?
Have you recently become a mum or dad and you are struggling with your new life?

Do you feel that you don't achieve what you really want?

This is a program where we go deep on the following subjects: Exercise, Food, Stress, Sleep, Meaningful Relationships and Wealth. And we take action where needed in order to improve your overall wellbeing.

Through Coaching and Counselling, you can relearn how to rewire your body and mind in a healthier way. 

For 5 years I was a fitness trainer in one of the most popular exercise centers in Dubai. Through food, therapy and mindfulness I have managed to put an autoimmune disease in remittance. 

Let me help you get your peak wellbeing state. 

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Holistic Wellbeing 

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