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Reflection. I love this word. “The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it” or a “serious thought”. In order to reflect the image of a body in water, for example, the water can not absorb the body. Otherwise, it would not be able to reflect it. The same happens with those so-called serious thoughts. If we get tangled with them, we can not think clearly.

This Taoist proverb reminded me that we must slow down and find stillness. As an executive leadership coach, I encourage my clients and myself to pause and truly reflect on our actions, thoughts, and beliefs without getting involved with them. In these moments of stillness we can gain clarity and insight into our leadership style, strengths, and blind spots. We can miss valuable opportunities for growth and development, when we're constantly moving,

Let’s take time to reflect on our leadership journey and watch as our reflection becomes clearer and more defined. I’ve been told it's worth the effort ;)

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