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Holistic Wellbeing Program

Define the better you
Achieve your highest goals in peace with mind and body

One-on-one wellbeing consultations with a certified personal and executive coach

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Senior Manager, IT industry, Dubai

“Mireia’s ability to empathize could only be surpassed by her ability to instill focus and mindfulness in her clients. Besides being a wonderful coach, she is an amazing human being!”

You are talented, skilled, and devoted. You are not afraid of tough decisions. By putting your best effort at work, you’ve placed yourself amongst the privileged of this world. Your life seems to be secure, and now should be a good time to finally reap the benefits of all that hard work… 

Yet, something feels off. Maybe your sleep is not as good as it used to be… maybe you are worried about all the strain you are putting on your body… or maybe you can’t spend enough time with your family and friends… 

And there is always this inner drive to work more, achieve more, and become the absolute best version of yourself.


of my clients notice positive changes after initial consultations


Companies that follow wellbeing program report 21% higher productivity


Companies that follow wellbeing program report 22% higher profitability

21% higher productivity

Over 80%

22% higher profitability

Unlock the perspective

Wouldn’t it be great to completely switch off for a couple of hours, days, or even weeks? Don’t you want to enjoy your next vacation to its fullest, spend an uninterrupted weekend with your family, or simply have some fun with your hobbies?

I genuinely believe that you can sort it out. Like you are sorting out millions of things every day. But as a good leader, you know when it’s time to delegate. 

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My name is Mireia.

I help leaders from around the world reach their highest goals through impactful lifestyle adjustments. 

A dedicated high achiever, I successfully navigated the path to a happy, efficient, and balanced version of myself.

As I worked for 10 years in leadership positions, I relished my ability to keep everything under control for the sake of my goals. Under the never-ending strain of responsibility, I pushed it as hard as I could, again and again putting work-life balance aside…

Until ignoring my body’s needs finally took its toll. I was forced to take a pause and rediscover myself, again. Through trial and error, I learned to work with every side of well-being by targeting my emotional and physical needs.

Only by fulfilling our physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs can we unlock our full potential.

Today I am a proud executive coach with my own customizable Holistic Well-Being Program. I help high achievers unlock their full potential through a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

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To get a lasting result in personal growth, we have to unravel our innermost impulses and thinking patterns. You will get to know your desires, fears, beliefs, and biases. I will help you discover your true self and define your reality the way you want it to be. 



Based on your goals, we design an individual exercise routine that works for you. 
Physical activity can be naturally integrated into your life, help you stay energized, and achieve more at your work. I will show you how. 


We are all social beings by nature and need healthy partnerships for our well-being. 

Though a leader’s social life is complicated by its nature. Do you want to rekindle relations with your partner, improve the working climate, or simply meet with your friends more often? We will find a way. 


Does your job give you exactly what you want? 

Work is the alfa and omega of a high achiever’s actuality. If there is something off, we will figure it out.


Healthy sleeping lies at the basis of high daytime productivity. 

We will use techniques to help you drift asleep faster, sleep deeper, and feel energized every morning regardless of the challenges you are going through.

Food Habits

You will learn to eat healthily and get your desired results without being on a diet. Through in-depth insight into your nutrition needs, you will start making adjustments in your eating habits for the big change in the end. Once you know what works best for you, you will naturally get a consistent long-term result.  


Do you often feel genuinely happy and relaxed? Is it possible for you to put the work aside, switch off and have some simple fun? 

I say ‘Yes’! I will help you enjoy life to its fullest.


Money is a tool and a great helper in achieving happiness. Do you enjoy healthy, unbiased relationships with money? 

We will discover your innermost emotional drivers to build a composed attitude towards material wealth.

Inner peace

Under the stress of demanding work, we need to know how to regulate our responses and cope with the stress. 

Through listening to yourself, breathing, and getting back to your essence, you will learn to respond to issues instead of reacting.

What to expect

I create a safe one-on-one environment where you can freely express yourself. We work at your terms and your comfortable pace, touching only on matters mutually agreed upon.

The Holistic Well-Being Program includes 16 consultations with the possibility of a follow-up supportive package.

White Sands

I will listen carefully to your needs and adjust the program accordingly. We can focus more on a specific field or cover only the basics of another. You are unique, and I aim to help you achieve your unique goals. 

Tech company leader, Dubai

"To describe my sessions with Mireia as helpful would be an understatement; it was a weekly mind adventure that opened up opportunities that were else hidden from me.”

Open the door to calmer, stronger, and more resolved YOU

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The Process

1. A complimentary welcome consultation

We start our journey by scheduling a call to get to know each other and define our scope. 

2. Assessment & food diary

You fill out a questionnaire, covering all fields of your well-being, and a form on your eating habits. 

3. Review & discussion

I explain how the program can help you with your goals, we discuss and adjust the key points.

4. A fully customized targeted program

I set up a program tailored to your needs. We begin to work. 


After the program, you get long-term results, which are based on your goals and usually include: 

  • Being a better leader

  • Achieving even greater goals

  • A longer, healthier life

  • Disease prevention

  • Burnout prevention

  • Better relationships

  • Being aligned with yourself

  • Redefining your happiness 

  • Claiming your life back

  • Setting boundaries

  • Reconnecting with your body

You have everything. It’s time for some peace. 

To unlock your full potential with peace of mind and body, click the button below. 

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